Interested in leading MDTSA but still in middle school? Become a Junior Officer!

Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, MDTSA will have two junior officers in addition to the state officer team. This position is only available to middle school students and provides an opportunity for younger TSA members to get involved with leadership without having to compete with the much more experienced high school students or have as heavy of a time obligation. As a junior officer, you will be involved in the planning of the state conference, expanding membership.


  • Only active TSA members may run for junior officer

  • Only middle school students may run for junior officer

Of course, middle school students may still run for state office if they are interested.


Conference Program Photo - You are required to provide a color, digital photo of yourself in professional attire as part of your application. This photo should be a JPEG, the short side of which must be at least 1500 px, portraying the candidate from the chest up with a white background. This photo will be used in the State TSA Conference program and may be used for other informational purposes by Maryland TSA. Please include this photo in your application.

Application for junior state officers:  Apply