The MD-TSA Dress Code is as follows for TSA activities at State Conferences:

Competition Attire (Competing Students)

Shirt or Blouse: button-up with turn-down collar (official TSA shirt is preferred but not required)
Pants or Skirt: light gray
Socks: appropriate dress socks
Shoes: black dress shoes (unacceptable: athletic shoes, army boots, combat boots or work boots)
Sandals: females only may wear black, open-toe shoes or sandals

Chapter Team Only

Blazer: navy blue with official TSA patch
Ties: scarlet red imprinted with official TSA logo (for males only)

General Attire (Non-TSA Members; Parents, Chaperones, etc.)

Shirt: button-up with turn-down collar
Pants or Skirt: dress pants (unacceptable: jeans, baggy pants, exterior pockets pants); skirts must be even with or longer than the tips of one’s fingers (females only)
Sandals: females only may wear open-toe shoes or sandals

Items Never Permitted (extension of school dress code)

Hats (any type)
Weapons of any type (utility knives and x-acto knives must be used under adult supervision)
Any tobacco products, matches, lighters
Any controlled substances (alcohol or drugs)