Lost the election for office? Can’t commit to the state officer team but still want to get involved? Then joining a committee may be a great option!

Committees are groups of people working on a specific type of role that MDTSA has to fill. It is an efficient way to classify the goals of MDTSA and allocate them to people that can accomplish them best because of interest or skill level. So we encourage you to join a committee that fills a function that you are interested in. If you are good at UX design perhaps join the Public Relations Committee to work on the website.

If you are passionate about making the Fall Rally come to fruition then you can join the Events Committee. Maybe you are into serving your community? Then you can help out with the Special Projects Committee.

Below are descriptions of what each committee does. Contact the Committee Chief if you are interested.

 Public Relations

  • Update the website, send out newsletters, and keep up communications with the chapters and their officers/advisors

  • Manage MDTSA twitter and instagram

  • Head of PR Committee goes through emails periodically

  • Open a channel between committees and chapter officers

Chief: Jack Maloy - mdtsareporter@mdtsa.org

Membership Promotion

  • Promote TSA to high schools and middle schools across the state; can subdivide even further into committees such as Montgomery County Recruitment committee, Howard County Recruitment committee, etc.

  • Members of this committee would have to know people in other countries to try and start up TSA in their chapters or communicate with schools’ administration people about the importance of TSA

  • Contact PTSO groups at schools, existing VEX, MISA, SeaPerch, Science Olympiad, etc. to expand their clubs

  • Membership map

  • Reach out to past officers and ask them if they’d like to be part of that group

  • Market TSA with its alumni who have gone on to study at Penn, Hopkins, MIT, UMD Honors College, etc.

Chief: Mehul Sachdev - mdtsapresident@mdtsa.org


  • Plan the leadership conference for next fall, other events such as the Fall Rally, workshops, fundraisers

  • Fall Rally: a half day long event with numerous activities TSA related that may be held at a university, or any activities that engage the students of TSA

  • Leadership Conference: a day or weekend long event that invites TSA members to collaborate with each other in challenging team building activities while instilling the values of LEAP along the way

  • Brainstorm other possible events that can engage the TSA membership throughout the year

  • Priority is to strengthen bonds between TSA members through enjoyable and social activities

Chief: Akshay Shah - mdtsaimmediatepast@mdtsa.org

Alumni Association

  • Would keep up the Alumni Association Facebook page

  • Work on expanding the network

  • Helps when setting up events such as Fall rally which are at Colleges and Universities

Chief: Exempt

Special Projects

  • Members plan and conduct side projects that could revolve around community service or competitions within TSA to engage its members such as t-shirt design contest for t-shirts students can purchase at state conferences

  • Business outreach for sponsorship

  • Reach out to STEM corporations or organizations about providing TSA members internship or volunteer opportunities

Chief: Hyun Lee - mdtsavicepresidentmdtsa.org


  • Keep up with LEAP updates and make sure its ideas are conveyed to each chapter in Maryland

Chief: Exempt