2016-2017 State Officer Team

The new 2016-2017 state officer team was instated following the national TSA conference.

 Davis Cook, President


Hello MDTSA! I’m running to be our president this year because I want to give back to and improve the organization that has meant so much to me. Through my past two years in TSA as both a competing member and state treasurer, I’ve been able to participate in many great experiences and meet a wonderful community of dedicated students that I never could have otherwise. In the upcoming year as president, I would want to ensure that this opportunity continues to be available to our members and is available to more students throughout Maryland.




 Veeraj Shah, Vice-President


Ever since I joined TSA two years ago, I have been passionate about the organization and its growth in our state. This past year, I have attended the state and national TSA conferences and ranked 5th at the National Conference for the Debate on Technological Issues. I have also served as the MDTSA Parliamentarian for the 2015-2016 year and am very excited to take on a bigger role in this organization. I believe that my work ethic, expertise, communications skills, and most importantly, passion for TSA and its members will prepare me to the next MDTSA Vice President.



Zach Souders, Secretary

The two years I have been involved with TSA have been a very beneficial experience for me. My interest in technology and innovation have driven me to work hard as a member of the officer team for my local TSA chapter, and the privilege of helping to shape it has been extremely rewarding. Becoming the Secretary for the Maryland TSA enables me to help the development and progress of an organization that is very important to me. Good luck with your events and continue to pursue your technical interests.



 William Weatherford, Treasurer

I've always loved TSA, and have learned and grown as a person because of it. Now i want to give something back and to help TSA in anyway possible. I also look forward to all the experiences and lessons that being a Maryland TSA Officer would offer.






Hanna Porter, Reporter

I would like to serve the Maryland Technology Student Association in the best way I can. I hope to ensure that all members will have the same enjoyment of TSA and its competitions that I experienced through my years of membership and participation. TSA has been a large part of my life for the last two years and I wish to help MDTSA grow and become even better than it is today. I believe that I can contribute greatly to this organization if I am elected. It would be an honor to serve as Reporter for the Maryland TSA.



Jacob Griswold, Sergeant at Arms

Hey guys! My name is Jake Griswold and I'm running to be your Sergeant at Arms. This is my second year with TSA, and I've loved every second of it. TSA has allowed me to meet so many different kinds of interesting people, and I want to make sure everyone gets that opportunity. TSA has something for everyone, the problem is just letting them know it's there. I don't want anyone to miss out because I know that TSA is something special.




Prior officers:

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