Starting a Chapter

•    Each chapter must have an adult to sponsor the association.
•    Decide how large your chapter will affiliate; ENTIRE BUILDING or just a small group of students
•    Be prepared for to pay all association fees (outlined below)
•    Complete the National affiliate process (

Dues and Registration

•    If you affiliate your entire school or a group larger than 27 students (Blue CAP), the National TSA registration fee is $350 and the state fee is $175 for each chapter (total of $525)
•    If you affiliate as individuals, the National TSA registration fee $9/student and the state fee is $9/student as well (total of $18/student)(minimum of ten students)
•    National TSA assesses a $10 fee for all advisor registered for the chapter.  No fee is charged by the state for advisors.

*Cost effective for chapters with 29 members or more
**Total cost is calculated WITH the $10 advisor fee included


  • Chapter with 7 Students
    $90 + $90 + $10 = $190
  • Chapter with 15 students
    ($9 x 15) + ($9 x 15) + $10 = $280
  • Chapter with 35 students
    $350 + $175 + $10 = $535

Ok, we are ready to affiliate. Here is how:

  • Visit and click the "Join TSA" link.
  • Once you register, please be sure to make payment ASAP to the National TSA office.  National TSA will handle the collection of payments for both Nationals and States.  No need to make two payments.
  • After you affiliate, please be sure to click the "Advisors" tab and review the links present in that section.
  • Be sure each you and your students are referencing the current year competitive program guides as some events do change from year to year. This is now done via logging into TotalTSA via the National TSA website.