2019-20 State Officer Candidates To Be Announced

Hello TSA!

Your current State Officers are currently listed below. Information on upcoming 2019-20 candidates has not been released.


Akshay Shah

Hello MDTSA! I am excited to serve as your State President this year. During my past two years in TSA, I have been able to serve as your state Treasurer and compete at the state and national level. This has allowed me to take part in many great experiences and interact with a wonderful community of students I could not have otherwise. For this upcoming year, I hope to continue to grow our state participation and create a better conference experience for all. 

Vice President

Mehul Sachdev

Hi, MDTSA! My name is Mehul Sachdev and I am excited to serve as MDTSA Vice President this year. In the past two years, I have had the pleasure of competing at in the State and National Conferences as well as serving as your State Reporter. Thanks to TSA, I have met many new people and built many close relationships I will treasure for the rest of my life. I intend to do anything I possibly can to improve and grow this organization and to bring the experiences I have enjoyed through this organization to as many people as possible.


Hyun-Joon Lee

Hello MDTSA. As an aspiring engineer, TSA is a great resource to get a glimpse of my passion in the real world. Every student that is part of this organization has the chance to get that glimpse and utilize their creativity toward it, and I am excited to be working as a TSA officer to help in that journey. During my time in TSA, I have created relationships with the most hardworking and determined people I have ever met that I wouldn’t have otherwise and can't wait to meet others in this following year!


Nana Annan

The two years I have been involved with TSA have been a very beneficial experience for me. My interest in technology and innovation have driven me to work hard as a member of the officer team for my local TSA chapter, and the privilege of helping to shape it has been extremely rewarding. Becoming the Secretary for the Maryland TSA enables me to help the development and progress of an organization that is very important to me. Good luck with your events and continue to pursue your technical interests.


Johnny Rajala

Hello MDTSA! After three years competing with my local TSA chapter, it is with great pleasure that I spend my last as your Sergeant at Arms. TSA has always been a place for me to experience new things and meet build new relationships I wouldn't have had otherwise. As an officer I will do my best to improve the association and make this year great! See you at the State Conference!  


Jack Maloy

Hello Maryland TSA members! This is my third year participating in this club, and I am extremely excited to be this years Reporter. It is important to me that everyone in TSA remains motivated, educated, and informed this season. Competing at TSA events has not only expanded my view on the field of technology, but has also allowed me to make connections with the most intelligent, hard working, and innovative people I will ever meet.


George Witt

Hello MDTSA! My name is George Witt, and I’m proud to be serving as your MDTSA Parliamentarian! I was introduced to TSA in 9th grade, and it managed to change my life. I already had an interest in technological fields, though TSA made that interest bloom! Now, I am determined to give back to the organization that changed my life, and bring that change to the wonderful state I was raised in! I wish you all the best of luck in your competitions, and beyond!

Presidents Update: February 2015


Back from the winter break and going strong, we've got a lot going on within Maryland TSA, and we're excited to share it with you. The officer team is working on our new newsletter, the Crab Chronicle, specifically for Maryland TSA members.

Share with us some stories and photos of what's going on in your chapter, and you could be featured in the next issue! We're excited about the great new state pins we ordered- buy them at the state conference for $5, and use them to trade at Nationals! We'd love to hear from you about anything and everything TSA, so make sure to stay in touch by signing up for emails on this brand new website, www.mdtsa.org, and feel free to email any of your State Officers with any questions/comments/concerns. Don't forget to check the right-hand side often for important READ-READ-READ notes. In addition to working on your projects for competition, consider submitting a t-shirt design for our state conference- the deadline is February 13th, 2015. There's still time to get some ideas together!

Finally, now is the time to start thinking about whether you'd like to take your TSA experience to the next level by running for State Office! All State Officer applications due by March 6th, 2015 (find the application under the "students" tab). We'd love to have you join the team!

Until next time,
Camilla Shanley

Competitive Events Page Updated

The Competitive Events page was updated with the events we are running at the state conference this year.  This page we continue to change if any events are added.  We will NOT be removing any events from these lists.  

The state advisor approval events are now listed on the events page.  These are events that you must place in to go to nationals.  Please review the list for the most detailed information.

State Officer Applications Due March 6, 2015

Interested in being a State Officer to further the advancements of MD-TSA? As a state officer, you will closely involved in planning the state conference, expanding TSA throughout Maryland, and generally serving the needs of MDTSA members.

Applications are due March 6, 2015 submitted via the website HERE

For more information click the Students tab in the navigation or click HERE for more information