2015-16 State Officer Candidates Announced

Hello TSA!

Your State Officer candidates for 2015-16, to be elected at our upcoming state conference, are listed below.


Sandra Sandeep

Hey TSA! Here’s my bottom line: I love TSA and I want to make it grow. Serving as a State Officer for 2 years has made me acutely aware of where our organization can develop. I’m excited to connect with everyone here so please feel free to stop me with any ideas for TSA or to just get acquainted. If you elect me as our organization’s State President, you can expect a tight loop for collaboration between our members and officers. Good luck today and I hope you’ll place your trust in me as your next State President!

Vice President

Connor Fenn

As a member of TSA, I’ve learned a lot, not just about engineering and technology, but about responsibility, decision making, and collaboration. I’ve seen firsthand how much potential each and every student in this organization has, and growth is the best way to realize our untapped potential. As your Vice President, my first priority will be to grow our fantastic organization, and together, I’m confident that we will make the Maryland TSA of tomorrow bigger and better!


Davis Cook

I've always loved technology and engineering and finding TSA was great for me - it was the perfect fit. Because of how awesome MDTSA has been, I really want to further my involvment in the club. Becoming a state officer would be the next big step toward that goal. Being involved in the spreading, improving, and running of TSA in Maryland would be amazing for me.


Adedoyin Olateru-Olagbegi

Hi TSA! I was initially drawn to TSA by its unique ability to offer a remarkably diverse range of competition topics and events relating to technology education. Serving as your state secretary would enable me to directly improve the TSA experience for all members and aid in the expansion of TSA throughout Maryland so more students can enjoy TSA. By serving as my chapter’s reporter, I’ve obtained invaluable skills in communication, leadership, and organization that will allow me to effectively fulfill my duties. Thank you and I hope you will put your confidence in me as your next MDTSA secretary!

jacob cowles sgtatarms.jpg


Jacob Cowles

One of the main roles of the Sergeant-at-Arms is to make all members feel welcome and included. The state competition for TSA can be daunting for first-timers, and it is important to make everyone feel comfortable and motivated to compete at their hardest. I want to do everything I can to make sure as more students join us in the Maryland State TSA, they are welcomed and know that they have an immediate connection to someone who takes the job of listening to them and helping them seriously.



Aidan Foley

My first impression of TSA was that of marvel and fascination. Taking part in TSA is no small feat, as I have quickly learned over the course of this year, and I believe that showing others what we are capable of, be it family, friends, or other technology enthusiasts, would give us the chance to show what we as TSA members are really made of. I am excited at the prospect of helping out TSA as an officer, and I hope that you can entrust me to capture our accomplishments as your reporter for 2015-16.



Hamzah Tariq

Hello TSA! TSA lets you guys show off your skills in fields of engineering and 21st century technology. MDTSA is expanding each year, but we have so much untapped potential to be the top organization for aspiring technology professionals in our state! As Reporter I would love to expand MDTSA’s online presence by more actively using social media to reach out to new member groups as well as to recognize all of your achievements. In short, TSA is my passion and I am all in. I hope you’ll place your trust in me, Hamzah T, for your MDTSA Reporter!