Jumbo Jenga


At the state conference, Maryland TSA will be running two jumbo-sized Jenga games in the game room to raise money for the American Cancer Society (ACS). All conference attendees may participate in the Jenga game and Maryland TSA will be asking for a donation to the American Cancer Society for each game played ($5 per team).

Bring Your Own Jenga Piece:

TSA members may bring their own Jumbo Jenga pieces to the conference! If you would like to bring a decorated Jenga piece as a part of your chapter or individually, Maryland TSA will have a third Jenga tower set up for playing with custom Jenga pieces!


Each game piece should be approximately 1.5x3.5x10.5” (a 2x4 piece of lumber cut into 12 inch sections should work well). You may paint, stain, or otherwise decorate your piece in any school-appropriate way you would like, as long as it doesn’t interfere with gameplay. Please bring a maximum of three pieces per chapter. For additional reference on how to create your blocks, visit: https://hobbylark.com/lawn-games/giant-life-size-jenga